Pontchartrain PC Services - FAQ's

Below are our most faq's. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Do you offer pickup and delivery?
Yes. We offer free pickup and delivery in New Orleans area and neighboring Parish's. Please call to verify your location for free pickup and delivery. Out of our area of PC service will include a service fee for travel. Our local repair service area includes anything from New Orleans, to Kenner Louisiana.

Do support Remote PC Repairs?
Yes. You and your clients can trust TeamViewer remote-support solutions because they have the 2048 bit private key and 256 bit session encoding.

Is it cheaper to upgrade my existing system or buy a new one?
It is usually almost always cheaper to upgrade and existing system instead of purchasing a new one. However, sometimes it may not be cost effective to upgrade because the computer you are upgrading is too old.

Is a wireless network safe?
Yes, but the network and the computers that are on the network have to be configured correctly for it to be safe. On the network computers, passwords and permissions should be setup.

What is your warranty policy on your repairs?
We have a 15 day hardware warranty policy on all from repairs we have done. We will cover labor and previously replaced parts but not any additional parts that may be necessary to complete the job. Also you get manufacturer's warranty if you register your product with the manufacturer.

Computer repairs un-paid?
Customers have 30 day from the date on the invoice to pick up and/or pay for your computer repairs. This will be the same date we call the customer that the computer system is finish. After 30 days, any system un-paid can be sold.

What is the amount of on-line storage, data transfer and other details for my Web Site?
Unlimited on-line storage, un-limited bandwidth transfer, 2,500 - E-Mail accounts Pop (Outlook/Outlook Express) or web mail accounts, unlimited E-Mail forwarding, search engine submission. MYSQL, PHP Support.25- MySql Databases. Host un-limited sub-domains.

Do you offer a Domain service with the hosting service?
I have a Domain name; can you transfer the domain to a new site?
Yes, we can transfer your domain to point to your new site.
I need a web site, but I don't know where to start.
We can create a Professional web site design for you and your business needs, that will help attract your customers to the products and services you sell. We can custom any web site design or service to fit your budget.

Do you have any free computer support?
Yes, we a free software index to you to download for free.

Do you have SSL Certificates support?
Yes, protect sensitive information during online transactions easily and securely with an SSL Certificate.

What if you cancel your PC Service / Repair appointment or cancellation policy?
Cancellations and Rescheduling of appointments must be made two hours prior to the appointment time. Non schedule cancellations is subject to a service charge.

Hours of Operation at location.
Monday - Saturday 7:00 AM - 8:00 PM - Sunday Emergency only, Sunday overtime. All service calls after 9:00 PM are overtime.
Phone support and scheduling of appointments is available during business hours Contact us now.

Search Engine Optimization support, (SEO)?
Yes, we can review of your site content or structure, technical advice on website development and Keyword research. Yes, if you wish we can also create a new web site and do the same. SEO service is extra.

NFS checks are subject service charge?
All NFS checks your account will be charge a $ 25.00 charge.
Affected 2010 all nonpayment of web site services can include the following.
Your web site service will go off line in 30 days and will include a $ 25.00 reconnection charge. Any accounts outstanding within 3 months are subject to a Debt Collection Services.

Customer is Responsible to back up their data on their computer?
Yes, we are not responsible for the loss of software or data stored on your computer systems checked in for repairs or upgrades. We are not responsible for possible compatibility issues between existing software repairs or upgrades to your computer systems.

Do you offer a Mobile App Design service?
Yes, please contact us.