Pontchartrain PC Services Computer Repairs

We have been in service for 10+ years and we service all Major brands, but are not limited to:
Dell, HP, Sony, Toshiba, Gateway and Acer.

We can build you a new computer or we can repair your existing one if it is more to your cost advantage. Nothing is more frustrating than to see your computer not performing the way it should. Your small business or home can't afford downtime.

Time spent wading through obscure technical matters is time that could be much better spent growing the business. Viruses and spyware can have alarming effects on your PC. You might not even realize your computer is infected! Without protection, your PC is likely to run slower. We can complete the following PC Repairs and Upgrades, Virus removal, Custom built systems, Small wireless networks, Hard disk installs, Memory installs, Home and Business services, Software and hardware installs, wireless networking.